Thursday, May 31, 2012

[Internship Mela] Fresher SAP & Trainee Job opportunity with Inowits : Bangalore

Internship Mela has posted a new item, 'Fresher SAP & Trainee Job opportunity
with Inowits : Bangalore'


Hope you all have not missed the SAP fresher job last week with process weaver
in Hyderabad. I can see that we had received a very good response on that post
and we are hoping to bring you all many such fresher job opportunities to our
users. This time again we have switched our focus towards SAP field and have got
some good news to all those freshers who are looking for a good opportunity in

As we couldn't collect much of the information about this opening with respect
to SAP, but I guess you all can give a try with it. And to notdisappointthe non
SAP guys, we have also come along with another Job opportunity with the same
company which is for Trainee role. And to add a bit of what we know about the
company is that it's based out in Bangalore named Inowits and are more into SAP
technologies. And could prove to be a very good platform to start their careers
as freshers.

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There are two different positions with Inowits, which we have come across. One
is for the position of SAP Technical Consultant and other one is for the
graduates who are looking for internship. I get many mail from several of our
users who are looking for both kind of jobs. So, please help your self with all
the information provided.


Job Title : SAP Technical Consultant

Requirements: ABAP, WebDynpro - Open to learn new Technologies

Job Title : Interns

Requirements : Bright Graduates, Knowledge in OOPs, Database and Data Structure


I know that nothing much we have as part of the job description, But nothing
that could be wasted of. So, I recommend you all to decide if you are willing to
give a try to the fresher job opportunities listed above.

How to Apply :
Step 1 : Drop Your resume to the email id '' by clearly
mentioning the job title you are interested in.
Step 2 : Don't sit back now, Prepare for the interview.. ;)


With Love,
Team CampusCub

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