Thursday, April 25, 2013

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Vijay Kudal :- Just Another Google has posted a new item, 'FSS activates major
ATM systems upgrade for State Bank of India'

Financial Software & Systems Ltd., an Indian payment systems integrator and
solution provider, has announced the implementation of new software and hardware
systems at the State Bank of India. The upgrade will enable the bank to double
its ATM network from 30,000 to more than 60,000 machines over the next two to
three years.FSS implemented and integrated the ACI BASE24 transaction switch
application version 6.10, and also upgraded the software to run on a high-end HP
NonStop NB54000c Blade System. The expansion will allow SBI to actively support
the Indian government's goal to introduce ATM service to rural, unbanked areas
of the country.According to an announcement from FSS, the project marks the
first successful implementation of the HP NonStop NB54000c Blade System with
BASE24 implementation in the Indian banking industry. It will be the largest
single switch instance in terms of the number of ATMs driven.FSS will maintain
an on-site staff that includes a senior project manager and more than 100
personnel at SBI IT centers in Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad. The team will
support various switch, card, recon, and production support activities."It gives
us immense pride to be a trusted partner of SBI, and be a part of SBI's
continuous retail payment growth initiative," said says Yogesh P. Dhuldhoya,
senior vice president at FSS. "Our team's experience and expertise in handling
complex system integration, migration and upgrade projects for leading banks
was key to the successful and timely completion of the SBI project. Over 40
resources were used, including participation from senior management team in FSS
to deliver the upgraded systems."FSS has been associated with SBI since 2000
when they were selected by the bank as its switch system integrator in a global
tender. At that time, SBI had 200 ATMs in its network serving 100,000 ATM
cardholders. Today the network serves more than 100 million cardholders, the
company said.Read The Above Article by Clicking Below Link :FSS activates major
ATM systems upgrade for State Bank of India | ATM MarketplaceSource : and Happy to be Part of This Implementation
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